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24 August 2008


“Lifting the Lid on Death”

A four-week Sunday evening Spring public lecture series at St. Marks Somerfield from 6.00-8.30pm on August 31, September 7,14 and 21.

The intention of the series - is to bring into the open an issue that continues to be largely taboo in our society yet affects everyone.

The format of each evening will be:
6pm-6.45pm An optional time when hospitality will be offered with a bowl of soup and bun.
7.00-7.40pm Presentation by guest speaker
7.40-8.00pm Small group discussion
8.00-8.30pm Questions and conversation with the speaker

The speaking schedule is as follows:

August 31 Mark Gibson the full-time minister at St. Marks Somerfield will speak
on “The Ecology of Death: A spiritual exploration of Endings”.

September 7 Dr Sandy MacLeod a medical consultant with the Nurse Maude hospice
will speak on “The Medical Aspects of Dying”.

September 14 Jayne Hubble, M.N.Z.A.P., a psychotherapist in private practice
working in Christchurch South will speak on “Fantasies of Death and
Dying: Reflections by a Psychotherapist”.

September 21 Rev. Dr. Jim Stuart a retired Methodist minister and theologian will
speak on: “The Other Side: Exploring the Near Death Experience”.

We hope that this series will be of wide interest in the church and local community.
All welcome. Opportunity will be given to offer a koha."

Copied from http://www.stmarks.methodist.org.nz/

Katherine recommended this to us at at church this mornng.