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Thoughts and informers from Westchurch people and some others too. These are unlikely to convey the beliefs of all our people. Please feel free to comment or blog - it really is easy.

29 November 2008

In Case of Abuse

At the Nov 19 church meeting, we adopted the Policy in Case of Abuse, (aka Church policy on Sexual Misconduct, and Church Policy on Managing Complaints : Specifically in regard to 'Mistreatment').

Read or download the policy from ...

Westchurch is committed to providing a safe environment for all of its members - an environment in which they will be free of harassment and abuse.

The Church will seek to provide a positive, timely and just approach to dealing with any complaint or reasonable suspicion of harassment or criminal offending, providing support and fairness to both the complainant and the respondent.

To provide appropriate response in the event of an allegation:

  • The contact people within the church will be listed and made known.
  • In the case of any allegation of abuse or harassment, the church will follow the protocols and procedures set out in this Westchurch policy.

This policy document contains the following sections:

  • Fundamental principles of the policy
  • Complaints or Concerns - what to do
  • What Happens Next
  • Your rights
  • Guidelines for working with young people in Westchurch
  • Appendix: Ethical guidelines for church members

Thanks especially to Fiona for drafting this document.

15 November 2008

Wanted Alive - WCK Teachers


Please consider the possibility that you could be a part of a small team of teachers in 2009.

We need several more teachers for WCK and would love to hear from you if you are interested in chatting about what might be involved.

We aim to teach half the term and have half the term off so that means you may do 4 or 5 sessions a term.

Please phone or email Katherine (or any of the teachers) or chat at church.

Angel Tree

Just received! Another 20 'Angels' from Prison Fellowship. Ring or email me your interest in buying a gift for one (or two) of these 'Angels'.

Apologies for the very short notice but the gifts need to be to me by the 23rd November (unwrapped).

We really appreciate the support that you give to this project and know there will be many happy children on Christmas Day receiving a 'special' present from their parents.

I have also had the wrapping day confirmed - Saturday 29th November starting at 9.30 a.m. at Halswell Baptist Church - aim is to finish by 1pm.


04 November 2008

Living in the story of Scripture


TRANSLATE :living in the story of Scripture

21-22 November ( Friday 21 7-10pm, Sat 22 9am – 4.30 pm)

Often we approach passages of Scripture as though they are independent of the rest of Scripture, forgetting they fit into a 'bigger story".

This seminar will walk through the narrative or 'bigger story' of Scripture, digging down to and wrestling with our underlying worldview assumptions. Then, work back to an exploration of what it looks like to translate this Gospel into the 21st century.

Where: Laidlaw College

Price: $85 single; $160 couple – includes notes, supper, morning & afternoon tea, and lunch.

Speakers: Rod Thompson( Laidlaw College), Andrew Shamy ( Compass Foundation), Roshan Allpress ( Compass Foundation)

Register: www.compass.org.nz/translate or email admin@compass.og.nz

Nathan attended an expanded version of this last January and really appreciated it. If you want to know more about it, have a chat with him.