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29 June 2009

Power & Sex

As part of our teaching series through the Books of Samual, Martin Visser gave these talks over two Sundays in June 2009. He has been willing to share them here.

David & Bathsheba - 14 June
Audio mp3 (16MB) * Slides pps (200kB) * Text pdf (150kB)
Alternative files

Tamar & Amnon - 21 June
Audio mp3 (21MB) * Slides pps (3.8MB) * Text pdf (270kB)
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Martin is a Clinical Psychologist in Christchurch who works with people affected by sexual abuse and rape.

18 April 2009

Pillars & Westchurch

Westchurch is involved in the work of Pillars.

John George [was] and Susan Henson [is] involved on the Board.

Others are also involved and you can be too. Have a chat with Susan.

15 February 2009


With Mick and Ruby Duncan

Date: Saturday 7th March.
Cost: $30 pp
Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. approx.

Session 1 1000 - 1100 What is an Alongsider?
Session 2 1115 - 1215 Being at your Best with People
Lunch 1215 - 1300
Session 3 1300 - 1400 Lessons from the street
1415 - 1500 Question & Answer time

Mick was our speaker at Camp last year. He is entertaining, humorous and challenging! Those of us who were fortunate enough to hear him, we really valued and appreciated what he had to say. His website is http://www.michaelduncan.org/ if you would like to know more about him. We do encourage you to come.

If you plan to, please give your name to Roberta as soon as possible.
A not to be missed occasion! See you there!!