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21 August 2009

Discipleship, following, formation

S P R I N G L E C T U R E S at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church

4 Wednesday nights, 26 August to 16 September, 7.30pm

Theme: Discipleship, following, formation.

As part of our growing commitment to resource our people, we have organised, in partnership with Laidlaw College, 4 evening lectures around the theme of Christian discipleship.

We would like to offer an open invitation to anyone else who would like to
come along to one or all of these lectures:

Week 1: How do we understand discipleship? Carolyn Robertson from Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Wednesday 26 August, 7.30pm

Week 2: Discipleship according to Jesus Bob Robinson from Laidlaw College Wednesday 2 September, 7.30pm

Week 3: Discipleship according to Paul Steve Graham from Laidlaw College Wednesday 9 September, 7.30pm

Week 4: What's happening today? Spanky Moore from Christchurch Anglican Diocese Wednesday 16 September, 7.30pm

Lectures will be approximately 50 minutes, there will be time for questions and discussion, followed by supper.

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