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Thoughts and informers from Westchurch people and some others too. These are unlikely to convey the beliefs of all our people. Please feel free to comment or blog - it really is easy.

16 October 2010

Youth Internship - Interested?


Are you a young person in Westchurch and wanting to say you are interested in being a Youth Intern next year? Now is the time to act and express that interest.

You can use this expressions-of-interest form and return it to an elder before 30 October (the form says 15 Oct).

More here about the selection process and internship.

09 October 2010

Parachute 2011

We had 30 budding designers submit their ideas for next Festival's merch range and, after a round of public voting, our Creative team have picked the Grand Winner! Click here to see the winning design. 

Everyone who buys their Parachute 2011 tickets before October 31 goes in the draw to become the 'Signing Assistant' for their fav Festival headliner! Imagine the hang outs. Find out more info right here. 

Parachute 2011's Sunday night will be unmissable with Parachute Band launching their third album, and Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin presenting 'Indescribable'. Read more about Parachute 2011 features here. 

The full Parachute 2011 line-up has now been released! Check it out here, and take a peek at the talented artists coming to grace our stages. Debut Showcase artists will also be announced soon. 

We're creating a short film for the Parachute 2011 Mainstage, and we'd like to include you! Film a 20 second story about how music's changed your life, and you may just get picked for it. Click herefor details. 

Weet-Bix are putting on a Big Breakfast at Parachute 2011, with gold coin donations going to World Vision. Click here to find out how you can start your festival day with Weet-Bix and help a fantastic cause. 

24 September 2010

Westchurch: The First 25 Years - Published History

Our early history is now in a book. Many of our people have contributed to its writing (acknowledged in the Preface copied below) and it was ably groomed for publishing by Nigel and Janet Perry. Thanks to you all. And thanks be to God.

And, thanks be to God. It was a great journey. The book is a great read for any who have been on our journey. It'll interest anyone connected with Westchurch people and will surely explain some of our 'strange ways', e.g. to new-comers.

The Contents pages are in  Westchurch History p1-7.pdf  (290kB) and here's what the Preface says:

"When Westchurch began planning to celebrate their 25th year it was decided to publish a history. This book does not purport to be a complete and authoritative history of Westchurch but will provide, we hope, sufficient information for those who are a part of the community today, and in the future, to make sense of what we are through an understanding of where we have come from.
The first section introduces Westchurch through a narrative presentation of its principles, derived from discussions in 1992 between Philip Pattemore, a relative newcomer, and Michael Mayes, a founding member. This concludes with the 1998 Elders Vision for Westchurch.
Albert Wildbore, who had been a founding member and elder, offered to write a history for the years he had been part of the congregation. Naturally the account is from his point of view, but we owe a real debt to him for the work he has put in to maintaining and working from the documents of Westchurch and for the very detailed history he has written, which gives an account of Westchurch from its founding until the end of 1996 when Albert and his family left. In addition, he has provided several appendices which must have taken a great deal of time to compile and for which we are very grateful. Without his work over the years, much knowledge of the founding vision, concerns and practices of the church would be lost.
Finally several people were asked to write briefly about current aspects of Westchurch to give a snapshot of what was happening in the years since 1996 until the Westchurch Reunion held Labour Weekend, 20-21 October 2006.
The committee would like to thank the following contributors: Lawrence Allpress, John George, Margaret Harrison, Michael Mayes, Jill Meikle, Philip Pattemore, Lynley Read, Katherine Stewart and Albert Wildbore.
The Westchurch 25th Reunion Planning Committee
August 2008"

Westchurch: The First 25 Years

Copyright © 2010 Westchurch
Published by Westchurch, PO Box 31-090, Christchurch, New Zealand
Printed by The Caxton Press, Christchurch, New Zealand
ISBN: 978-0-473-16803-2

21 September 2010

Beauty for Brokenness

Thanx & YouTube link
.... the "YouTube" link to the song I used [on Sunday]

"Beauty for brokenness" by Graham Kendrick.  A great song.

Wishing you well in your new building.

Bruce Morriss
TEAR Fund Regional Manager
Nelson & Marlborough

04 August 2010

Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation Course
We are running a 5 week series starting this week, thursday; if you are interested or want to know more please contact us.  
We would also appreciate your prayers for the couples attending and our facilitation skills! :)  
Pete and Becky 3571363

01 August 2010

E100 Bible Reading Challenge

We are thinking of promoting this within Westchurch.
"... the E100 Bible Reading Challenge [is] a flexible resource to help people get into reading their Bibles.

One of the key reasons why Christians don't read the Bible is that they find it difficult to understand.* The E100 Bible Reading Challenge features 100 carefully selected readings (50 Old Testament, 50 New Testament) designed to give people a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The E stands for essential and each of the essential 100 readings ranges from a few verses to a few chapters.
Through completing the challenge, participants are encouraged to build a regular habit of spending time with God through Bible reading and prayer.

- At its heart, E100 is a personal challenge. E100 is not easy - it's not meant to be. Bible reading is a discipline, something we need to be committed to.

Churches and participants can take the challenge in a way that suits them. It doesn't have to take 100 days - it's entirely up to the individual."

You can find out more about this helpful option at

Check out the video that not only tells you more about E100 but also features some folk of Hamish's new parish at Hornby taking the challenge.

16 July 2010

Interserve eXplore Day 7 August

Click on this to make it bigger and more readable.

Interserve New Zealand is a missionary organisation committed to serving and sharing Christ in some of the hardest places in Asia and the Arab world http://www.interserve.org.nz/

We have an Interserve connection in Ruth Lennox. Once a member of Westchurch, she spoke to us last year, and had been working as a doctor for years in Bangladesh and now works in Darwin.

National Director, Johannes Balzer is running an Interserve Explore day  http://www.interserve.org.nz/EVENTS/UPCOMING+EVENTS.html on 7 August at Spreydon Baptist  for those interested in looking at missions from a wide variety of angles as well as understanding integrated mission.

I have heard that these eXplore days are not to be missed experiences.

Incidentally, Johannes is booked to speak to Westchurch on 15 August.

[Steve Rosie]

19 June 2010

Mens Christian Convention

Mens Christian Convention: 

In the Beginning.   

July 27th – 28th

Visit www.mcc-nz.org.nz for details. 

Michael M.

Mission for a Teacher

Short Term Mission Opportunity for Teachers

Rata Teachers Support Rata Teacher Support is a group of trained NZ teachers who have a vision to encourage, equip and inspire untrained teachers in developing countries.

They visit India, Ghana and South Africa for 3 weeks at a time.

If interested check out their website at www.rata.org.nz.

15 June 2010

Sew up ’n supper

Friday, 18 June, 7:30pm

We will sew up knitted strips and squares to make blankets
to send to Ethiopia to the Fistula Hospital.

Time to chat, catch up, sew and have coffee and cake!

30 Hanover Place at 7:30pm. See Ellen Paynter.

14 June 2010

Global Connections Mission Summit

Click on the slide to read this more clearly, i.e. bigger and sharper.

11 June 2010

Treasury Magazine

"The Treasury" is a magazine that has missionary news and thought-provoking articles with a focus on people associated with the Open Brethren Churches in New Zealand ( Westchurch's roots).

Some Westchurch people have featured - particularly as contributors ( e.g. Walter & Gillian Raymond, Margaret Young, John George and Martin Visser, Philip).

It's published 11 times a year. The normal annual sub is $35.50, however it's available at $29 as part of a group order. This would involve one person receiving the magazines and distributing them. ( I'm happy to do this.)

If you want to subscribe to this magazine we can do this as a group at a discounted rate and to receiving "The Treasury" in this way, please contact Lynley.

02 May 2010

At The Movies

May 16 Service ...we're...."At The Movies" - to start our 2010 major teaching series on Mark's gospel we kick off with a video viewing of THE WHOLE GOSPEL OF MARK IN 100 MINUTES RECITED & ACTED OUT BY ONE PERSON WITH A FEW PROPS !! Alan has seen this live at the Court theatre a coupla decades ago & it's a tribute to the original oral tradition of the Good News. So - no music, no boring sermons - bring your coffee plungers, muffins, biscuits, pop-corn, movie comfort food, slippers...whatever & we'll watch an ancient tradition in 1980's technology ! (WOW !) We plan to watch it in 3 sections (2 intervals) but we need to start sharp at 10 a.m.  Because we know you need to leave at 11.40 (+ coffee breaks which don't count). This is a great opportunity to take in the whole panolpy ( see www.dictionary.com) of Jesus' life in one...well 3... gulp. When did you last do THAT ! Bring the home baking, Jaffas, jelly babies & be prepared to (be) save(d) !


28 April 2010

Celebrate with a Ceilidh


Did you know there are at least 6 newly engaged couples in our Westchurch community?

So we would like to celebrate by way of a ceilidh / barn dance on Friday night May 21st with the "Turkey Buzzards" - blue grass band - banjo, bass guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and vocals.

Ticket entry $10 / person, $30 / family (with free entry for the bride & groom to be)

Will be a great night of fun and celebration

Invite your family - ALL WELCOME!!!

Please RSVP ASAP to Roberta (322 4142) or Trudi (322 1487) phone / message or email is fine.

31 March 2010

Eastercamp 2010

Westchurch has 43 ... FORTY THREE!!! ... people registered for this years Eastercamp.

Of these, 16 are youth group campers.

The rest (27) are doing significant service as workers to support the operation, fun and fulfilment of God's plans for the whole camp ... we pray.

Please pray with us for a special touch of God's Spirit for all our campers and all we minister to this year.

Click here to go to the Eastercamp 2010 website.

(So that is one big reason Westchurch is not having a 'church service' in the hall this Easter :~)


Visit the Halswell Cross

The Halswell Cross is a dramatic art installation at Halswell Quarry Park. The 5.4 metre cross features a stylized figure of Jesus made mostly in wood and metal.
The Cross – which has the support of the combined churches of the Halswell area – is free for all to attend.
Visitors are invited to spend time in meditation while listening to quiet background music, or to listen to a recorded commentary through headphones.
There is also an opportunity to pin prayers to the base of the Cross. This is the Cross's fifth year of installation.
It will be erected early Good Friday morning (April 2) and remain in place until Easter Monday afternoon. A representation of the garden tomb of Jesus will also be nearby.

28 March 2010

The Halswell Cross

Friday 2 April 2010 to Monday 5 April 2010 @
Halswell Quarry.

Spend some time in meditation and prayer,

Halswell Quarry,
from 10.00am, Good Friday until 4.00pm, Easter Monday.

Please pray for the young folk at Easter Camp,
e.g. that they will:
- know the hope that Jesus won for us,
- the ultimate love of God the Father,
- His extreme grace,
- enabling of the Spirit, and
- that they may be 'born again' and
- enjoy participating with the saints
- in his redemptive work in this world
until His Kindom fully comes and Jesus returns.


27 March 2010

26 February 2010

Westchurch Camp 2010

5 - 7 March 2010
at Woodend Camp
124 Beach Road Woodend

This is a great chance for our community to spend
a relaxed weekend together having fun, learning
together and being challenged about our lives and
practices. Whether you come as a day visitor or
immerse yourself fully in the experience by staying
at the camp we hope you will find some time to join
us in this opportunity for fellowship and growth.

Our speaker: Graeme Reid

Graeme was employed at Spreydon Baptist Church for 24 years,
ten of those were on the pastoral team. His main role was
establishing and managing Community Ministries.
Graeme established a community fellowship for people with
special needs, pastoring the fellowship from 1987 to 2004.
In 2005 he visited Cambodia, Manila and Calcutta as a Chaplain
for Servants Mission.
Currently he is working for the Baptist Union as a Community
Ministries consultant and managing a service supporting young people
7yrs to 15yrs who live in a home where a parent has a mental illness.

Highly recommended. Come and be inspired!

What should I bring?
* Bedding and pillow cases
* Towels
* Swimming gear
* Bikes and games for outdoors
* Bible, pen and paper
* Muffins, biscuits or cake for morning & afternoon tea
* Any personal medications
* Clothes and toiletries


Friday 5th March
7.00pm Arrival time, sausage sizzle
8.00pm coffee and cake

Saturday 6th March
8.00-8.30 Breakfast*
9.15-10.15 Graeme Reid
(programme for kids)
10.15 Morning tea
10.45-12.15 Workshop "local mission" Graeme Reid
12.30 Lunch*
2.00 Activities including gokarts,
climbing wall, waterslide, minigolf
6.00 Dinner*
Later . . .. . . . Evening programme

Sunday 7th March
08.00-08.30 Breakfast*
09.30-10.30 Worship
10.30 Morning tea
11.00 "2 Faces of Poverty"
Graeme Reid
12..30 Lunch*
1.30 Cleanup

*duties before and after eating

Bunk rooms and family rooms
If you would prefer to bring a tent or caravan
please let us know.

Call Sue Keddell or Roberta George immediately as
the chef needs the numbers soon.


Two notices re Setup.

1. Communion plastic cups – as agreed at the last church meeting, these are to be rinsed and sent to recycling after each service

2. Set up and Keys – if you have the keys and blue book, please contact and pass them on to the next person on the set-up list. This is particularly important if you have swapped with someone else and your name and date of set-up no longer match. Taking this action will be of huge service to those next on the list.