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Thoughts and informers from Westchurch people and some others too. These are unlikely to convey the beliefs of all our people. Please feel free to comment or blog - it really is easy.

22 May 2011

The good stuff

The Prayer Seminar has enriched our fellowship and very enjoyable. The Elders are very thankful to those who participated to make this a wonderful event. Praise be to God for the work he will continue to do among us because of this time we spent with Him.

The gifted and generously Kath and David Wells have not only lead us admirably for this seminar but left us with a treasury of helpful documents from which you can draw more from their beautiful ministry. 

That treasury is outlined here: http://westchurch.org.nz/wc/docs/Prayer_Wells/Prayer_&_Trust_Articles.html. Further files, including those used during the seminar, are here: http://westchurch.org.nz/wc/docs/Prayer_Wells

David and Kath's Sunday teaching was recorded and added to the Sunday files in our Inhouse area of this site.

Kath's website http://www.prayerchangeslives.org.nz/ has further resources and check her blog occasionally.


19 May 2011

Seminar this weekend !!

Prayer Seminar is this weekend.!!!

Saturday at St Timothys church, Kendal Ave.

Phase One:
Starts at 9am
goes to 2pm
with morning tea and lunch breaks. (Bring a cut lunch)

Phase Two:
Starts at 4pm
goes to 6pm.

Phase Three:
Dinner together at 6pm
Please bring a salad or vege dish.
There will be a barbecue and meat will be provided.

Phase Four:
After dinner there will be a fun programme with Richard and Heather.

And ... don't forget ... Phase Zero:
Leaders, co-ordinators, teachers and others with a prayer burden for Westchurch
you received an invitation on 18 April to meet with the Wells for a special session.
Friday 20 May 7.30 - 9.30pm at the Paynter's home, 30 Hanover Place.

15 May 2011

Prayer Seminar

One week to go,
Please let us know.
It'll help us to plan,
This time with the clan.
... this mornings slides ...

03 May 2011

Prayer Seminar Details

This is the information that is on the brochure Janet P. distributed 16 April.

Discover fresh ways to be inspired and effective in
prayer, both alone and in groups.

A prayer workshop led by Kath and David Wells:
"I believe there are often perceptions about prayer that need to
change, obstacles to freedom and power in prayer that need to
be cleared away, and a work of cultivating that needs to be done,
so that the many facets of prayer begin to flourish among us."

Kath Wells and her husband David have been missionaries in
Zambia with the Salvation Army, pastors in Wellington and Kapiti
with the Baptists, and have studied and worked at the Te Nikau
Apostolic College.

David is now a senior lecturer in Biblical studies and preaching at
the Booth College of Mission in Upper Hutt, and Kath teaches
prayer workshops, leads prayer groups, writes articles and does
some life and career coaching.

David will also be speaking on Sunday 22nd May following
the workshop day.


St Timothy's
46 Kendal Ave

Saturday, 21 May 2011


9am: Praying the scriptures

Lunch (please bring a cut lunch)

Learning from the prayers
of scripture

2pm - 4pm: Break (Optional time to stay enjoy
each others company or take a break)

4pm-6pm: Praying for others

6pm: Shared meal followed by
fun times for all ages

Adult - FULL DAY - $30
Student - FULL DAY - $10
School age & below - FREE
Adult or Student - Evening Only - $5

• A separate chlldren's programme will be
organised for morning and afternoon sessions

• Drinks provided throughout the day.

• Evening meal will be shared – we will advise
once registered what to bring.

• Please don't let money be a barrier to your
attending.. If you have any concerns please
approach Stuart or any of the Elders in

Return Slip


Contact phone number:

How many people attending?

Adults FULL Day = No.:____ @ $30 pp Cost: $____ 

Students FULL Day = No.:____ @ $10 pp Cost: $____ 

Children at special
children's programme = No.:____ No Cost

Adult or Student 
EVENING ONLY = No.:____ @ $5 pp Cost: $____ 

EVENING ONLY = No.:____ No Cost

TOTAL FEE:  $__________

Has Fee been paid yet?
Yes / No (see the earlier blog for payment details)

Contact Stuart Masterton Ph 358 7038
and / or email to

Be quick. It is happening soon !!

Prayer Seminar 21 May

Prayer is an invitation with my name on it!

It is an invitation 
to comfort and rest, 
to confidence and courage; 
it is an invitation 
to insight and awareness, 
to joy and thankfulness; 
it is an invitation 
to companionship and partnership, 
to satisfaction and effectiveness.

Prayer is both a privilege and a pleasure. 

Discover more at the Prayer Seminar on 21st May.

Please let us know if you are coming. 

Either tell Stuart or Paula on Sunday and give them a cheque or cash. 

Or payments can also be made via internet banking. 
The 'Westchurch' account number is 03 0855 0367596 00. Please clearly identify your payment with 'Prayer Seminar' and who it is for. 
Then email Stuart and Paula ( treasurer@westchurch.org.nz ) the details concerning your payment and attendance of the seminar.

Of course this is more than a seminar. This is fun time spent together. We have a children's program, an evening meal and some fun times organised for afterwards ... just like a church camp.