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18 February 2012


Our Sam has Eastercamp in sight ... big time!

Janie says, "It's time to register".

Decades ago
The best 5 days you'll ever have
4000-ish people come to Eastercamp to have fun, get to know each other and learn a little of what it means to follow Jesus at the same time. Sometimes it gets muddy, sometimes it's loud, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. 
Once we had FMX, once we had a spaceship race. Sometimes we just chill on the grass in the sun. 
We recycle and compost, plant trees, and fly in helicoptors.
Sometimes we have pies, other times donuts but we always have an awesome time. 
General information
Thu 5 - Mon 9 April 2012
If you're too old to come - help out.
Don't be a stranger. See ya in there!
Best use of Jelly and bread mix in a wrestling pit.
Best quality pie supply
Biggest tent in NZ
Mud. Dust. Fun. Nice People. Good times.

Register for Westchurch Camp too. It is even sooner (only two weeks away), fun and a great chance to hang out together before Eastercamp. We have a solid speaker and the usual Woodend fun things to do. See my next blog with details - coming next.

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