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02 March 2014

Where Wendy & Philip went in January

Interserve's On Track programme offers short-term service opportunities that give a taste of what mission to the hard places is like. On Trackers from 18 to 75+ years old serve from one month up to two years. Planning a gap year, OE, elective, sabbatical? Or wondering what to do in retirement?
Contact [www.interserve.org.nz] to arrange your tailormade service opportunity!

A Refuge for the Destitute
Interserve partnered with Christian Medical Fellowship in January to send a team to Mukti Mission in Kedgaon, western India. The team was led by Philip and Wendy.

More in this newsletter here 

Ask Philip or Wendy about their experiences and what Interserve is all about.

1 comment :

Steve R said...

I missed the Sunday they gave a really fascinating talk on this trip a few Sundays ago and it was recorded along with a huge slide show that will over-fill our Recordings folder. I listened to it just recently and it was a ripping yarn. Ask the people at the AV desk for a copy of it if you're interested.