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29 March 2015

Lost by straying away

The following is an interpretations of parable of Jesus about the lost sheep.
Jesus almost certainly told the parables in greater colour and detail than the recorded versions in the Gospels. So shall I.
We do not hold these out as the "correct" interpretation. They are my reaction to the story written in the Scriptures.

Lost by straying away

"Baa-aaah. A frightened cry unheard.
One of a hundred has
Strayed away.
The grass is greener over here it thought
This way, that way, a dozen wrong turns
Not deliberate rejection and rebellion
Just strayed away
Seduced by short-term gain
Now the sheep has lost the Shepherd
Now it doesn't know the way home
Now the flock had gone.
Alone, afraid, helpless
Strayed into the Darkness of Death's Valley?
Ruled by wolves, exposed as prey for the lion  
As good as dead.
If only it could find the shepherd
Where could that silly sheep be,
The Good Shepherd counts again,
"Fluffy", "spotty", "nimble", ...
ninety eight, ninety nine,
"Black-ears" was not there.
I can't leave Blacks-ears exposed to the wolves.
Every sheep is precious
He knows them all by name
He leaves behind the 99
He takes his crook, coat and light
Out into the night
Risking, his life for a wandering sheep
He searches diligently
"I must find Black-ears before the wolves do.
The sound of a frightened sheep.
His precious sheep,
He takes it on his shoulders
Safe from the wolves
No longer lost, No longer dead
They all celebrate the one lost sheep
that was lost and is found
Every sheep is precious
Lost by neglect
Lost by ignorance
Lost by straying
Lost by losing touch with the Shepherd
Lost and don't know the way home
Prey of the wolves
The wolves of evil, oppression, greed, self-indulgence
That devour the soul.
How we have strayed,
A little here, a little there
Then one day we find ourselves,
Lost, Afraid, helpless, alone
Not knowing the way home
Waiting for the day when our messed-up lives
Are lost and devoured by the wolves
Or found by Shepherd and taken home
[John George]

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