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16 April 2015

Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday

Between the Cross and glory

It was on a cross only yesterday

That cruel man took his life away
They hated him and what he had to say
But We are left to live on Saturday

What are we to think with the master gone

We believed that he was the chosen one
We saw ourselves what he had been and done
On Saturday we live  with our hopes all gone

We never quite knew what to make of him

He said he was bringing God's kingdom in
He said he was the the long awaited king
But on Saturday he's dead before he could begin

We felt his love for the lost and poor

The deaf were healed and the blind they saw
He did so much we'd never seen before
On Saturday we don't know what he did it for

He said the way was not by sword and fight

He said that love will win and not military might
And now after what happened on Friday night
On Saturday it's clear he was wrong not right

On Saturday we have only doubt and gloom

On Saturday our master lies in a tomb
On Saturday we have no rabbi, no hope and no home
On Saturday we don't know whether to go or come

On Sunday it started to fall into place

On Sunday his tomb was an empty place
Dare we believe that we have seen his face
That Sunday not Saturday is not the real space

Just now 2000 years have passed

We live by faith from first to last
The risen Jesus - we have to hold him fast
For sometimes Saturday feels like it hasn't passed

[John George]

1 comment :

Steve said...

John recited this on Easter Sunday during our church time at their home.

John also highlighted the prominent place the women have in the Easter story.

Some were women of means who had given huge support for Jesus and his close followers.

Reading these Bible passages again looking at it from this perspective is quite a thrill.

Thanks John. And thanks for your three great blogs on 'lost things'.