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16 April 2015

Lost in dark places

Lost in dark places

10 silver coins, 10 day’s wages,
Two weeks of her husband’s toil
All she has for food and shelter.

One has gone, dropped and rolled.
Rolled and settled in a corner
It is lost
through no fault of its own:
It is lost
Content to be lost or found

For the woman it is treasure, lost treasure
What will her husband say.
She wants all ten
she needs all ten,                                        
nine will not do

So she goes to search
with  light and broom
Lighting up dark places
Probing even where the light can’t reach.

Dark places that host secrets
Dark places that must be exposed
Dark places where the coin is hidden
Before it can be found;

She searches every nook and cranny
She doesn't stop until its found.

The dark places have given up their secrets.
Dark places in every human life

Let’s have a party.

The lost is found.

[John George]

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