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06 April 2020

Actively Waging Peace


On Sunday, when highlighting the idea of "actively waging peace", Hamish Flanagan referred to inspiring teaching available from 'The Meeting House'.
Here is a link: https://www.themeetinghouse.com/teaching

Hamish later referred to the PIN model of conflict resolution - (PIN = positions, interests and needs) . This article say a little more about it:

Empathic mutual positioning in conflict transformation and reconciliation
Article (PDF Available) in Peace and Conflict Journal of Peace Psychology 19(3):266 · August 2013

You can listen to Hamish's 'Brunch Service' talk in the 'Recordings' page via the Resouces page.


03 April 2020

COVID-19 Sundays We Meet Online


We are now using Zoom to meet online on Sundays while we live physically in our locked-down bubbles.

If you subscribe to Westpress you will be getting all the details about how to join in. It is good to do and it is exciting to solve the technical issues and gain the skills.

If you are not getting Westpress please let another Westchurch person you know and they will get Walter to subscribe you.

The is also a new page linked from the Resources page that has most details about the content of the service. However, the Zoom login details will be in the Westpress emails. If you don't have this detail, you want to join the Zoom gathering, then quickly call a Westchurch person you know and hope they can give you those login details.


19 March 2020

Choose Faith Over Fear

This might be nice to insert into Westpress as things develop [COVID-19], simple but true.

Choose Faith Over Fear

- Susan